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About Us

Safeatcan Company

Your health is your wealth and the origin of happiness. We believe that it would start from your table by receiving foods safe for consumption while still delivering nutritious and active components and definitely enjoyable.

We put our mission to deliver safe, novel foods and drinks to your table with the acknowledgment of newly developed technologies and worldwide distribution of food sources. We are a bridge between the novel technologies and science of North America to the ancient knowledge of the Middle East.

Internationalized education, developed production and professional consultation are our triangles to promote the healthiness of our customers which indeed is their wealth and happiness.


You and our corporate are working side by side on the health and wealth angle of life triangle. Now it is time to appreciate our hard work and experience the happiness. Let’s sit and enjoy an instant healthy drink of refreshments while leaving the hassle of safe and new production to our professionals. Our consulting service will appreciate your precious time and can pin point your happiness on your thriving food production.


Your health is your wealth. But still this angle can be endorsed by wise expenditure of your assets. Lowest cost of our products and services are here to save your money and well-being.


We targeted the health angle of a fruitful life triangle by our healthy products. For now, we have focused on natural low calory herbal drinks which can help you to mange your weight and body care program. The fact on the health promoting of herbals such as mint and rose water or even saffron in combination with flixweed or basil seed is unquestionable.

Our Producets

Demands for new products have gone beyond just good taste and texture. Nations are asking for foods and drinks promoting their health but still enjoyable. Here it comes our novel foods and drinks incorporating the folklore medicinal aspects of herbs to your daily food and drink intake. It is food and drink, not medicine but still it combats illness and help your body to regain health.  The point for us has been to overcome the geographical barrier of herbals distributions around the word and bring collections of their health benefit, taste and flavor to your table in any part of the word. We benefit from the advanced technologies and sciences offered by North America and Europe to lock the flavor and the active components of herbals originated from the Middle East and deliver the product all around the word. The final products are an instant drink containing herbals promoting your well-being still offering the enjoyable tastes and flavors (might also act as remedy) for which you had to travel far way to experience. You can be sitting at your office and just open and add water to a sachet of Descurainia Sophia (flixweed) offering anticancer activities while enjoying the flavor of pepper mint and its anti-inflammatory effect which has been achieved by advanced technology on concentrating its essential oils in a powder form.

None the less, we can provide sets of powdered essential oils carrying their health attributes and flavors as ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Highest quality

Your health is our red line

Drinks from a combination of herbs and tonics are completely organic and healthy

For information on the ingredients of this product, refer to the product page

Highest quality

Your health is our red line

Drinks from a combination of herbs and tonics are completely organic and healthy

For information on the ingredients of this product, refer to the product page

Highest quality

Your health is our red line

Drinks from a combination of herbs and tonics are completely organic and healthy

For information on the ingredients of this product, refer to the product page

Internationalized Education

Our educational services are categorized in three groups of food safety, food ingredients and efficient technological approach in food production. In this order we try to conduct courses on internationally recognized food standards such as ISOs, promoting new ingredients in food product development such as emerging additives and introducing new technologies and efficient instrumental application for the existing facilities.

We are providing short courses and workshops to update the knowledge of professionals on current developments in food science. We invite instructors from all around the word to exchange the information and mainly deliver the science from North America and Europe to the Middle Easterners. Our Middle East Corporation register as S.A.F.E has been certified by the Food and Drug administration of Iran to train food safety authorities. Our certified laboratory would provide an excellent environment for practical instructions on analytical, microbial and rheological tests on food products.

Another service by our company is to identify and introduce abroad courses, seminars and exhibitions from which food professions could benefit. In addition to our registration service, we are partnered with a tourist company to facilitate attendee’s educational trip with first class services such as ticketing, transfers, hoteling and excursion.


Professional Consultant

We believe food safety comes first. That is why at the beginning we offered internationalized education specially on food safety followed by instruction on the selection of ingredients and technical approach on food and drinks productions. Still, we are coaching you on the way of product development. New regulations, different requirements by countries and demands for innovated foods are daily task for food industries and we are beside you with the help of experienced teams on regulations, formulations and engineers.



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