Internationalized Education

Our educational services are categorized in three groups of food safety, food ingredients and efficient technological approach in food production. In this order we try to conduct courses on internationally recognized food standards such as ISOs, promoting new ingredients in food product development such as emerging additives and introducing new technologies and efficient instrumental application for the existing facilities.

We are providing short courses and workshops to update the knowledge of professionals on current developments in food science. We invite instructors from all around the word to exchange the information and mainly deliver the science from North America and Europe to the Middle Easterners. Our Middle East Corporation register as S.A.F.E has been certified by the Food and Drug administration of Iran to train food safety authorities. Our certified laboratory would provide an excellent environment for practical instructions on analytical, microbial and rheological tests on food products.

Another service by our company is to identify and introduce abroad courses, seminars and exhibitions from which food professions could benefit. In addition to our registration service, we are partnered with a tourist company to facilitate attendee’s educational trip with first class services such as ticketing, transfers, hoteling and excursion.